Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama Talks, McCain Leads

Obama Talks, McCain Leads
by Ed Evans

Barack Hussein Obama's favorite throw-away line is "John McCain told his advisors, 'If we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose.'" Then Obama follows up with, "So I want to talk about the economy!"
But you will notice, Obama doesn't talk about the economy, he talks about raising taxes. He think's that's how you help the economy. It helped kings, and emperors and monarchs. It might even help senators and congressman to have more of our money to spend. But it doesn't help the people who have to pay the taxes; you and I.
Obama should be forgiven, though, because he's a product of the Democratic party, and they all seem to think raising taxes is how you help a faltering economy. Even when the news media asks other Democratic politicians, "Can you believe Barack Obama wants to raise taxes in a faltering economy? What do you think about that?" They go right on supporting the idea of raising taxes. But I repeat, they are Democrats. Of course they want to raise taxes.
It apparently has not occurred to them that every shrinking dollar they take away from you and I is a dollar not spent keeping the economy alive. Every dollar they take away from the small business owners -- the ones who accounted for 100% of the new jobs last year -- that's another dollar not paid to their workers, another dollar not spent on their health care, not spent on supporting their social security. In the end, that employee doesn't exist because they can't afford to pay rising taxes and additional employee wages. A working wage earner has been turned into another welfare space holder.
No, John McCain doesn't lose when he talks about the economy. He wins and we win because he talks jobs, wages, family survival and tax cuts.
Barack Hussein Obama talks a good game. He's an excellent speaker, spell-binding with great imagery; clear, concise. But it is still just talk. You can promise anything when it's just talk.
John McCain has the biography and the resume to show that he does what he says he will do. It's not empty talk. It's not ear-tickling rhetoric just to get votes. John McCain has a plan to put America back to work, and he has the experience and background to lead America out of the financial morass he warned about years ago.
Barack Hussein Obama talks a lot about what he wants to do.
John McCain is already out in front leading. He's been a leader all of his life.
Follow John.