Wednesday, May 13, 2015

When the World Seems to be Going to Hell in a Handbasket All Around You

God-given ethics and morals are reviled.
The family is attacked and made to seem insignificant.
Decency is ridiculed.
Concern for others is downgraded.
Elected politicians violate public trust.
The teachings of Christ are perverted.
Lying for profit is acceptable.
Crime for cause is expected.
Everyone seems to out for “me-first.”
Iniquity seems to thrive everywhere.

Don’t be too surprised, it's true, we seem to be awash in what, as a child, the Preacher warned us that it was coming in force ... iniquity.  Our leaders, our government, local politicians, the salesman on the street corner....greedy as all get out and steeped in iniquity.  Anything goes so long as they get what they want.
And that's inside the borders of man's greatest experiment -- America.  Outside those borders are multiple peoples and powers just chomping at the bit to get what they think we've got.
All I know for sure, out of my years of experience running from and to Almighty God, is that wherever you are, if you love God, that's where He wants you to be.  Whatever you're doing, that what He wants you to be doing.  If you've turned your life over to Him, then He is definitely in charge and even when it doesn't make sense, He still knows, He still loves us, and He is still in charge.
Even when the word comes around that a mile-wide chunk of space firmament is coming dangerously close to earth this weekend that could destroy us, and NASA confirms it, I have no need to worry.  Nothing happens that He hasn't planned, and if it all goes up in smoke and particles, I'll still be in the palm of His hand.  And I would not for one second want to be even that long outside His will.
So take heart, dear friend, He told us "they" would hate us when we signed on to be "crucified with Christ."  So we can say with joy in our hearts, "yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...", He still has our back.  He's crazy about us.  Joy cometh in the morning, and boy howdy, is that morning coming!

God bless you, my friend, stay close to our Jesus and just let Him lead.  Something loving and peaceful this way comes, through the wall of evil, through the noise and confusion and falseness of the world – the Creator of Light and Life, Almighty God.