Monday, January 20, 2014

Renew, Rebuild, Restore

by Ed Evans

[A political sermon; no collection, but with lots of prayer.]

That great conservative American, troop-loving musician extraordinaire, Charlie Daniels, is also an outspoken patriot and essayist; a voice for this troubled age.  In his "Charlie Daniels Soapbox and Messageboard" at, Charlie has zeroed in on a specific public malady the American news media cowardly refuses to address.

Reminding us that the conflicts of defined battlefields disappeared with World War II, Charlie goes on to write, "The war we find ourselves engaged in these days is not, for the most part, territorial but ideological religious fanaticism fueled by centuries of violent indoctrination and tribal loyalties that have existed since biblical times.

"There is so much about our enemy we don't understand, but one all-important fact we must understand.

"There will be no truce or armistice in this fight, there will be no cessation of hostilities no matter what kind of pie in the sky treaties and agreements desperate Western diplomats are able to get the enemy to sign.

"The Obama-Kerry initiatives, while noble in outward appearances, will not deter Iran's efforts to develop a nuclear device, but enable them to do so as sanctions are lifted and Iran gets it's fiscal house in order it will be business as usual, deadly business.

"Is there anybody gullible enough to believe otherwise?

"Our President and Secretary of State seem to think so."

And right there I believe Charlie Daniels has put his finger right on the very sorest part of the American wound, a painful, seeping, growing wound that will not heal quickly.

I also believe that Charlie Daniels is stopping short of the real conclusion accidentally, or perhaps because he makes his living entertaining people, he stops short because he doesn't want to alienate hi entire listening audience.

But for whatever reason, I say he has stopped short.  Charlie states that the President and Secretary of State apparently are gullible enough to believe that material, financial handouts to our enemies in Iran will stop their nuclear device development, which they believe will give them Muslim domination of the world.  In fact, material and financial handouts have not worked to better the status of poor Americans or America's economy, so why would they believe it would work on people foreign to the American ideals and ethics?

No, I say it is impossible to believe that Obama and Kerry, having organized their financial and political careers to such advantage, having reached the pinnacles of power they have, with deep and wide-ranging information sources available to them, could be so gullible.

That leaves only deliberate planning for the one-world government, the financial upheaval, and the curtailment and control of individual freedoms to come.  Logically, based not upon what is said but what is done, guided down a chute of careful preparation, what obviously lies ahead of America is deliberate and planned.

The moneyed, powerful leaders of the world's financial and political hierarchies believe that they "know best" for the rest of the great unwashed in the world.  The fences of containment set up by our American forefathers of Christian-based ethics and humane justice for all are slowly but most surely being eroded and set aside by a carefully packed judiciary.  Profane ethical and social mores that only a few years ago would have been summarily dismissed as a danger to the future citizens of society now seem to fit responsibly on a shelf of citizenship fashioned by liberal educators who have been teaching the current generation, and are still teaching the next, that truth is subjective, absolutes don't really exist, and anything goes.  It can be seen in our fashions, our communication,  in the business world, and rotting away the framework of society.

Such quotes as that by Conrad Hilton, CEO of Hilton Hotels, "If his wife can't trust him in the bedroom, how can I trust him in the boardroom," no longer have any impact in the business world or in society.  Anything goes.  Profit is everything.  Winning is all that is important.  But what if someone gets hurt?  If you can't afford to lose then you shouldn't be in the game.

And life has become a game.  There are now only winners and losers.  The human family that God began no longer matters, because God no longer matters.  Tomorrow?  Only today matters.  Right now.  Tomorrow will take care of itself.  After all, even God said, " Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."  And that's what you run into, the idea that God doesn't matter, unless you can use Him to make a point for yourself.

There are still those innocent souls who continue to believe that if they can just set the right environment for understanding, just bring together the right words, provide just the right platform for agreement, they can change the mind of the moneyed and politically powerful.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  For "the truth" is only their truth, and it is not up for discussion.  Their minds are made up, and you and I were never part of the decision.

I submit that those who have embarked on a "new" and "one-world" direction cannot be moved.  Their hopes, dream, indeed, their treasures are "just ahead" and can only be brought to fruition by the guidance of their hands.  Keep your hands off the steering wheel.  Once again, this is not a discussion.  The decision has been made, the direction chosen, and you and I are not "bought in."

I return to my original point.  What we are seeing, what we are experiencing, is deliberate.  

That being the case, the only solution can be one of deliberation, as well.  The leadership now in place, leading America astray, must be replaced.  America being the nation it is, with a military dedicated to not participating in governmental coups, thus far resting on the surviving U.S. Constitution, that change must come about by election.  The time is approaching.  Perhaps for the last time.

In one sense, the time is ripe, conservative state Governors have a leading edge in the coming election, many liberal Democrats are giving up their seats this year, and this will be a fruitful opportunity to elect conservative Representatives and Senators.  But the infighting, the litmus tests that have shattered the conservative movement must cease.  There must be a widespread commitment to putting conservatives in office, across the board, and deal with individual sacred cows once those forces are in office.
It must be a two-pronged attack, in traditional military language, with equal commitment to the forces to remove current leadership -- flawed, misguided, and wrong -- and commitment to the conservative cause. 

It will not be easy.  Liberal incumbents will attempt to move heaven and earth, to cause dissension among conservatives, to destroy commitment, for they know that if they can just get past this coming election, they will rule.  That cannot be allowed to happen.  This is most very likely the conservatives' last chance on a level playing field.

This is it.  Last chance to renew, rebuild, restore.