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All About President Barack Hussein Obama

All About President Barack Hussein Obama

by Ed Evans
I was recently accused of hating President Barack Hussein Obama.  And since that came from someone I respect, that stung.  So I had to step back and take a good look at the basis for what I did believe, and know, and feel about our President.
Yes, he is a darker color of skin than I.  But 30 years in the United States Marine Corps and after four battlefields, I know as well as most the color of person's skin has no bearing on their ethics, their standards and principles, and whether they bleed red blood.  The color of President Obama's skin, or his eyes, or his hair is a moot point.
The fact is that I do not know President Obama.  Not personally, not off-handedly, not even from reading reports and descriptions concerning him.  Part of that is because he has deliberately hidden so much of his personal, educational, and biological background.  Even if you never meet and shake hands with a man, often you can gauge what kind of person they are by extrapolating from past events, reactions, and achievements.  For his own reasons, he has kept that from us.  So I know only the actions and impacts of this man on the nation of my birth, the nation I fought for, the nation of people I love.
Therefore, I know President Obama only through his actions, the extended activities of members of his administration, who are not elected but were chosen by him, and take their orders and direction from him.  What I know and have observed in this realm of activity is appalling.  Adverse public opinion has removed at least two.  Appointing Kevin Jennings as President Obama's Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools at the U.S. Department of Education, Obama's "Safe Schools Czar", a published advocate of the North American Man-Boy Love Association remains a callous backhand to the morals and ethics of We the People.  It is the defense of decisions such as this that undermine the people's faith in the Presidency to make good decisions about other important issues, such as the economy.
Regardless of the economic shambles his administration inherited from the previous Democratic Congress, Pres. Obama's ill-planned decisions and actions have placed this nation in a precarious position at home and internationally.  Many, and some in his own political party, have decried the simple lack of common business decision-making, which initially crippled small business, and the massive interference in the free market system that has severely altered the market's natural ability to react in a positive manner.    Every American on the business scene, from the smallest Mom and Pop operation to those at the corporate level have sustained near-terminal losses.  Unfortunately, the natural greed of the "me-first" set in business have served to take America's economic downturn far deeper, kept it there longer, and has cost this nation far more than anyone ever intended.  It is a long known lesson of history that the economic mill, like the mill of justice, once it begins to grind will grind fine, and it will stop where it will stop, and no man will control it.
However, what should be of far greater concern, and this alarm has been sounded by many of the economic genre, falling on deaf ears, is that focused and effective attempts at stopping and changing America's downturn have not and are not being taken.  Stop-gap and half-hearted promises are made, and not executed.  Why?  Why does the American economy continue to sputter along at a certain level, neither dissipating terminally nor growing? 
I submit there are reasons and they are not all that difficult to either understand nor to track.  While it is true that Pres. Obama lacks business experience, he has a virtual academy of economic genius and innovation to which he might turn.  But first, solving America's economic problem and returning this nation to the position of international and benevolent giant it once occupied would have to be his goal.  I further submit it is not. 
As an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ I will here fly in the face of those crying out that Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ.  He is not, an opinion backed by ample theological evidence.  Nor is he insane, nor a "Manchurian Candidate" operating for a foreign power, all of which has been claimed.  No, Barack Obama is simply an intelligent man who through the willing blindness of those seeking power has worked himself into a position where he is capable of implementing his view of how things should be.  Who among us has not said humorously, "Boy, when I am king I'm going to change that!"  Well, Obama is King, and he is going to change what he wants to change, once again through the venue of the willing blind seeking power.
President Barack Hussein Obama is most dangerous to America at this time in history because most Americans are not willing to accept the reality, the bizarre and painful reality, of what he is doing, where his actions are leading.  Even his worse detractors are not willing to understand.  They get to "he wants the country shattered, bankrupt, and divided", and stop.  Oh no, no American leader would want that.  That's true, that's not his ultimate goal, but it is the path to what he wants, which is to fundamentally change this nation into his new world, internationalist vision of what he thinks we should be. 
Where once we made our own decisions in America, now our government under Obama and his minions has grown to being involved in all aspects, from contracts to communications, from basic education to business decisions, who gets paid and how much, when business leaders have amassed enough wealth and should quit.  These are not areas of our life in which government should be involved, but we have allowed that.  We no longer worry about reading every contract, because the government mandates will protects us; we are no longer careful about the foods we eat and the drugs we ingest, because the government has implemented restrictions to protect us.  In all areas of our life, we find the government building fences to channel us, protecting us from this and that, and not noticing that with those protections go our basic freedoms.  This is where the Obama government has brought us, prying us away from historic American independence and self-reliance, pushing us to rely more and more on a growing government.
It was President Gerald Ford, in his address to a joint session of Congress on August 12, 1974, who warned us that, "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."  A big and growing government was never the intent of the framers of the U.S. Constitution, and has never been of benefit to the individual, independent, self-reliant American man or woman, only of benefit to those who foist it upon us.
Not growing up in this nation, not being grounded in the American exceptionalism that benefits the world, seeing only the negatives about America, he has no fundamental idea who we really are, what America really is, and where our true destiny leads.  But unless We the People are willing to get up out of our easy chair, out from in front of our television sets that are filling our minds with manipulated information by a commercially corrupt, biased news media that has betrayed its understood mandate to We the People in this republic, unless we are willing to be actively responsible for our own future once again and remove the current crop of caretaker career politicians, our grandchildren will find themselves not only chafing under the bondage of an all-controlling, dictatorial government, but damning their forbearers and wondering what happened.  And the entire world will be the worse for the disappearance of the sole guardian of the God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,.
Yes it is.  Yes it is that serious.  And those who will not see and be responsible for what is happening to America are not only among the willing blind, but part of the problem and are responsible for the approaching death of the American dream.
When you begin ripping the fabric of America, the opportunities for stopping it will only be played out in blood.  The chances are good it will simply be destroyed through apathy, even as the sounds of ripping are beginning to occur across America as mobs of deliberate organizers make use of the willing ignorant to create chaos in the streets.  And all across America the lights of law and logic are going out.
Americans must put aside their jousting at individual windmills, their demands that everyone else meet their litmus test for all the varied social justice issues.  If there is no America, there will be no other platform in the world upon which to address such issues.  The very survival of that America the world needs us to be is at stake.  We must ally with those we may not even like, personally, but who are willing to stand and protect the future of this nation.  We must begin to stand together against the ideas of tyranny, regardless of whether they come from inside or outside America, from home-grown terrorists or men and women of power.  
It must stop.  America must stand.  For our freedom, our liberty, our future will stand, or fall, with it.  God help us.

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