Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Series of Sickening Decisions - The Gutting of the American Military as the Defenses Come Down

REQUEST: These decisions, made by the un-elected, by the appointed, overruling hard won military experience, will eventually tear down the fences that protect this nation, jeopardizing our grandchildren's future, and America's legacy. Please share.

Military Leadership Diversity Commission

This was forwarded to me by a retired Navy Flag Officer. I have removed all connections to him and two other Armed Forces Flag Officers.

I just did a quick search for "Military Leadership Diversity Commission" and came up with a reading list that is very long, so I (or we) don't know much but there is a huge and growing database of information that is very worrisome.

The Military Leadership Diversity Commission has made its report to Congress and the Nation. Every news media branch has jumped on the bandwagon of criticism of the "Military" properly named, "The Armed Forces" including PBS. All of the serious critics have micro-knowledge of the Armed Forces, their full mission and how to achieve that mission. Few in Congress know and who in the Executive Branch of Government would know?

Criticism of the Military Leadership Diversity Commission report from professionals who are charged with the responsibility of actually fighting the wars is abundant and growing. These critics are people who will be forced out of their careers when and if identified.


A 31-member Military Leadership Diversity Commission, set up by Pelosi's Lame Duck Congress a year ago, requested that the Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, execute a "social experiment on diversity"; the goal of the recommendations is to change the make-up of the leadership of the US Armed Forces. The Commission contains a sizable number of civilian-equal opportunity professionals, as well as some retired and active military personnel.

Because ethnic minorities are less likely to meet eligibility requirements for entrance into the US Armed Forces, the Commission is urging the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force to either lower or eliminate the standards that have always been used for acceptance of recruits into the military. The Commission proposal states education, entry test level scores, criminal records, and drug use that up to this time have been used to disqualify a large numbers of applicants, including some minorities and all felons, unfair and should be eliminated.

The commission completed a 162-page report and strongly recommended that the Secretary of Defense and the Congress endorse the proposals that they act to execute the Commission's "social experiment on diversity."

The Commission wants Secretary Gates to appoint a "Diversity Czar" who will bypass the Congress on all future matters concerning their proposed "social experiment on diversity" and that in the future the Diversity Czar be permitted to by-pass Congress and report directly to the Defense Secretary.

Another of the many recommendations is that at confirmation, all future flag officer selectees be required to demonstrate to the Senate Armed Services Committee that they have a rich background in promoting the "social experiment on diversity"; future promotions to flag would no longer be based upon what senior officers are best qualified to lead military personnel into combat and/or would be most effective at improving their command's "Combat Effectiveness."

While the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is driving the current aggressive indoctrination of the US Armed Forces, in order to turn the US Military into an openly homosexual organization, the Military Leadership Diversity Commission is pressing the Pentagon to make additional destabilizing changes to the US Armed Forces in the midst of three theatres of armed conflict. Among the many initiatives in its study, is a recommendation to open infantry and armor units to women; the study said that women should be allowed into male-only units to "create a level playing field" in promotions "for all service members who meet the qualifications."

Hardened Combat Veterans say that "direct ground combat" is not like an MP being subjected to exchange of small-arms gunfire with insurgents, or of military personnel being wounded by an IEDs when transiting in a convoy, or a service member being abducted by terrorists while on patrols or on guard duty. There is a true lack of understanding of exactly what direct ground combat entails, what closing with and destroying an enemy combatant by the most violent means available is; often it is a direct eye-to-eye confrontation, then being required to employ upper-body physical strength that physically fit US Marines, US Army Rangers, or US Navy SEALs train for. Direct ground combat is defined as an action when opposing forces engage in violent, intense, close-in, hand to hand combat. According to former Commandant of the US Marine Corps, General Carl Mundy, units which are trained repeatedly into fine-tuned teams to engage and defeat the enemy directly, exist and operate on the basis of masculine cohesion. "I believe that female service members bring tremendous skills and talents to many sectors of our armed forces, but I believe equally strongly that they are not best suited for the unique demands associated with direct combat units."

Congressman Allen West as well as Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, two of the 12 endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress who were elected in the 2010 mid-term election (out of the full slate of 27 endorsed candidates who won their primary elections), have already gone public on their view of the proposed "social experiment on diversity"; they feel the proposal is intrusive and inappropriate.

"This is the last thing the military should be thinking about," said Cong. Duncan D. Hunter, a member of the Armed Services Committee who saw combat in Iraq and Afghanistan as a US Marine Corps Officer. "Our military is engaged in a shooting war," the California Republican stated. "This is just another distraction that can't interfere with what's most important - winning in Afghanistan. Congressman Duncan added, "Some people seem to think the military is a staging ground for social testing, and that attitude only puts lives at risk."

Congressman Allen West, a Florida Representative, who as a senior Army officer completed a one year combat tour of duty in Iraq, and a two year combat tour of duty in Afghanistan said, "The US Military is a merit based organization where anybody can succeed." Congressman West said the report "is a slap in the face to those minorities who have achieved seniority." In an interview with The Daily Caller, Congressman West, who is black, was not pleased with the report, and said that the military is not a social experiment for outside groups to impose their theories.

US Naval Academy Admissions Office now openly practices the "social experiment of diversity." The Naval Academy Admissions Board now admits student with SAT scores in math as low as 410 and verbal scores as low as 370; the SAT score cut off for Midshipmen had normally been around 600 out of a possible 800 score.

A former Admission Board Member agreed to make the following statement on condition of anonymity; he said, "The unfairness is absolutely real." The "social experiment on diversity" has been driven by the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff's and the CNO since their appointments, and has resulted in the admittance of marginal students, mostly athletes and minorities, while by-passing fully qualified white students in the pool of 15,000 applicants annually. The results of the admittance of marginal students has been an increase in serious violations of regulations such as drug use (resulting in multiple dismissals), excessive use of liquor and inebriation on weekend liberty, increased violations of the Honor Code requiring retraining to retain minority students (as a former member of the Honor Committee there was no such thing as honor retraining; Midshipmen do not lie, cheat, or steal) and recently, one Midshipman lied to a law enforcement officer when in custody for a federal offense.

The Brigade of Midshipmen has been negatively affected by the "social experiment of diversity," and now the US Armed forces will be subjected to that same experiment during a wartime environment. The Supreme Court has ruled that admission procedures at institutions of higher education that consider percentages of race and gender as a consideration for selecting and making up an entering freshman class is discriminatory and those actions by a college Admissions Board are a violation of federal law.

The "social experiment on diversity" imposed on the Brigade at the US Naval Academy, pushing an openly homosexual environment on the US Armed Forces, and now the proposal by the Military Leadership Diversity Committee have all put the US Military under unreasonable destabilizing pressure. The proposal by the Commission to select future flag officers of the US Armed Forces using some type of litmus test on diversity will not improve the "Combat Effectiveness" of the US Military.

By recommending that senior military officers only be selected for flag if they pass a test on diversity, and considering their race and gender by some percentages, will not result in the promotion of the most qualified senior officers who would improve the "Combat Effectiveness" of the US Armed Force (there will be no more Admiral Bull Halseys, General Pattons, General Chesty Pullers, General Jimmy Doolittles, etc., because they would not be "politically correct" selectees).

The American people are unaware of the aforementioned coordinated assaults on the most effective and professional military force in the world, they are not aware that the agenda that is being driven by socialists and liberals who oppose the US Armed Forces high standards of duty, honor, country, and its support for the Judeo-Christian religions is hurting the stability of the force. Those coordinated assaults by progressives, pushing a "social experiment on diversity", will weaken the US Military over the long term.

The actions of outside forces supported by the Obama Administration are continuing to push the above listed changes that are marginalizing the "Combat Effectiveness" of the US Armed Forces. The US Military has protected and defended the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Republic for 234 years, experimenting with the structure and make-up of the US Military organization and assaulting its leadership structure will destabilize the US Armed Forces. We must rely on the judgment of the 12 elected Combat Veterans For Congress and other Congressmen to coordinate their efforts to halt the above listed dangerous experiments with the US Armed Forces.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pres. Obama's 22Jun2011 Afghanistan Speech

Listening to President Obama's speech tonight about pulling U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, it is obvious this is another instance where he intends to ignore the hard-won expert, experienced advice of U.S. Generals, and do it his way. This will have consequences, as we have seen before. But this President is not a student of history.

Here are some instances of his speech that jumped out at me:

He claims HE ordered 30,000 additional troops as a “surge,” but I clearly remember he was one of those AGAINST the surge ordered by Pres. George W. Bush. Yet he takes credit for the "surge."

He will have brought 40,000 troops home by next year, men and women trained at great expense, and because there will be no longer a need for that many troops under arms, they will be released onto an economy that has no jobs for them. This in a nation that already has 14 million jobless. And the reservists will not be going back to their old jobs, because we've already seen the news stories of that law being ignored, and the Obama administration will not fight for them.

Our mission will change, Obama said, from combat to support, obviously not understanding that with his massive drawdown of troops, those left behind will have to fight a rear guard action to get out of Afghanistan alive. We don't learn from history.

Despite what he said, killing Osama bin Ladin has not stopped al Qaeda. They are still armed, dangerous, and attacking us.

Contrary to what he said, we do not have widespread support among our allies in NATO, as many of our former allies are crying poormouth and want to disengage.

He complemented the Afghan Police Force, which is known as a national disgrace. He is obviously out of touch. Reality has no meaning for this man.

He stated we have ended our combat mission in Iraq. What in the world makes him think that? Some wounded veterans at Walter Reed Army Hospital and Bethesda Naval Hospital may want to talk to him about that. They may be arriving by aircraft this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

I have never ... never ... never been more disgusted with not just our President, but with our elected officials who see America being beaten to her knees economically, socially, and morally, and will not take the action available to them to save this nation. Disgusted. Disgusted. Disgusted!!!

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