Friday, April 9, 2010

Questions Outstanding Regarding Pres. Barack Obama

by Pastor Ed Evans

First, thanks are due Dr. Alan Bates, M.D., for some of these questions.

Ask yourself why these questions have not be asked of and answered by President Barack Obama, and why their answers have not been demanded by a professional and alert American news media.

  • · Why has the Federal Election Commission, which has audited every single presidential candidate since Watergate including the Bushes and John McCain, not audited Barrack Obama?
  • · Why was one of the first Executive Orders signed by President Obama an order to seal all his birth, health, travel, and education records?
  • · Why did Pres. Obama condemn America’s past actions and impugn our integrity during his visits to foreign nations after having been elected?
  • · Why is Mr. Obama pandering to radical Iran and its development of nuclear weapons while Iran threatens to annihilate Israel, America's only ally in the Middle East?
  • · Why is he now working to rid America of half its nuclear warheads and limit the nuclear strike option in cases of biologic or chemical attack on our nation?
  • · Given the evidence of history, how can he expect Russia and China to follow the same disarmament path?
  • · Why is Pres. Obama determined to convey amnesty to illegal aliens when the laws clearly state otherwise, and since it will rob America's growing number of high school graduates of entry level jobs in the marketplace?
  • · Why has he moved the 2010 census supervision into the White House?
  • · Why does he pass a huge healthcare overhaul which basically emasculates the private healthcare system while driving states into bankruptcy if they are not already there?
  • · And why such time and energy in a health care bill when a jobs bill is so badly needed as Americans are losing their jobs and their homes?
  • · Why does the Administration feel it necessary to take over America's auto manufacturers, banks across the nation, and the entire student loan program, completely disrupting America's free enterprise system?
  • · Why has this President created the largest current and future debt in the history of mankind -- one which cannot be paid off?
  • · Why has this been the first President to appoint political extremists and radicals, some of whom are professed Communists, as "czars" in his administration to run the Departments of Energy, Education, Health, and Homeland Security among other agencies?
  • · Why has Pres. Obama decided to rid our national security strategy documents of references to ‘radical Islam’ and 'jihad'?

The list of questions could go on for several more pages, but even these have not been answered before We the People.

For many Americans, Pres. Obama's actions have been the antithesis of what one would expect of a leader who builds upon a strong America, who is sworn to protect the Constitution of the United States of America, and believes in the Bill of Rights.

What do you think?

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