Friday, April 15, 2011

The Clock Will Not Turn Back

by Ed Evans

This business of undermining society to please homosexual perverts, in both civil and military society, is really getting out of hand, and anyone who believed if we just gave in on one issue the homosexuals, et al., would be quiet is ignorant of just how much sexual mayhem is at work "out there." We must put new people into public office who will insist on ethics and morals in government, before we can ever expect such behavior in general society. Laws that promote perversion and put children and others at risk must be repealed.

Let me suggest, also, that we will never be able to "turn back the clock" to the America that used to be, to society that behaved itself and did no injury to others. That never really existed, anyway, even if it was less blatant than today. We must insist on ethics and morals in our own lives, stop poisoning the well of the next generation, and put ethical and moral people into office who will assist us in creating a new America. The old one is past and will never return. The present is our chance to make a new America we can all be proud of once again.

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