Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pres. Obama's 22Jun2011 Afghanistan Speech

Listening to President Obama's speech tonight about pulling U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, it is obvious this is another instance where he intends to ignore the hard-won expert, experienced advice of U.S. Generals, and do it his way. This will have consequences, as we have seen before. But this President is not a student of history.

Here are some instances of his speech that jumped out at me:

He claims HE ordered 30,000 additional troops as a “surge,” but I clearly remember he was one of those AGAINST the surge ordered by Pres. George W. Bush. Yet he takes credit for the "surge."

He will have brought 40,000 troops home by next year, men and women trained at great expense, and because there will be no longer a need for that many troops under arms, they will be released onto an economy that has no jobs for them. This in a nation that already has 14 million jobless. And the reservists will not be going back to their old jobs, because we've already seen the news stories of that law being ignored, and the Obama administration will not fight for them.

Our mission will change, Obama said, from combat to support, obviously not understanding that with his massive drawdown of troops, those left behind will have to fight a rear guard action to get out of Afghanistan alive. We don't learn from history.

Despite what he said, killing Osama bin Ladin has not stopped al Qaeda. They are still armed, dangerous, and attacking us.

Contrary to what he said, we do not have widespread support among our allies in NATO, as many of our former allies are crying poormouth and want to disengage.

He complemented the Afghan Police Force, which is known as a national disgrace. He is obviously out of touch. Reality has no meaning for this man.

He stated we have ended our combat mission in Iraq. What in the world makes him think that? Some wounded veterans at Walter Reed Army Hospital and Bethesda Naval Hospital may want to talk to him about that. They may be arriving by aircraft this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

I have never ... never ... never been more disgusted with not just our President, but with our elected officials who see America being beaten to her knees economically, socially, and morally, and will not take the action available to them to save this nation. Disgusted. Disgusted. Disgusted!!!

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