Monday, August 8, 2011

America Will Not Have a King, by Ed Evans

This afternoon a little after noon Eastern time, the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, made a colossal mistake, based upon regal presumptions. Because he apparently sees himself as King of America -- with all the regal perks, privileges, and allegiances -- he approached the TV network microphones with the idea that a few soothing words from him and the market on Wall Street would rebound.

CBS-TV network ran a running tally of the market's reaction in the lower right hand corner of the screen as the President King spoke. Wall Street was not impressed, even though he worked into his speech all the wonderful things he had done, to no avail, to save America from itself, things God alone might have accomplished. And while he mentioned many things, the mention of God's help in this crisis was unaccountably left off his list.

Perhaps Wall Street was not impressed because he ran off-track with his first few words. Either the current President of the United States is so badly served by those around him, or is deliberately ignorant of the facts behind America's downgrade by Standard & Poors, whom, incidentally he verbally backhanded by calling them "some rating agency."

Someone needs to inform the President King that America received its AA+ verses AAA+ rating not because of the political squabbles in Washington -- he went on to make it clear this was the Republicans' fault -- but because, according to S&P, in passing the latest bill and debt ceiling raise the Congress failed to come up with an organized plan to solve America's growing debt problem.

Not long after that he mysteriously tied together the idea that by having the Congress extend unemployment benefits and taxing the rich, that would create more jobs. Apparently, if you are King you can tie together nonsense notions and they become true. It's good to be King.

Someone close to the President King might also whisper in his imperial ear that it is not helpful to speak one moment about the need for bipartisan efforts, and then in the next breath bash the other party. Even Kings are not able to bridge the gulf of back-biting and non-cooperation that creates.

This nation was built upon the idea of limited government and separation of powers. They go together for successful governance. And although this President King has repeatedly injected his influence into the free market system, skirted Congressional involvement with his Executive signature, and inserted the White House into the Congressional process, the Constitutional restrictions for limited government remain.

Finally, someone might also point out to His Majesty, who claims to be a Constitutional scholar, that natural law, upon which the United States Constitution is based, carries within it the seeds of recommended rebellion, when government no longer serves the best interest of We the People. It is probably much too late to point out to him that in America, the real power lies with those who are governed, with We the People, and that public servants such as he, his administration, and the entire Congress serve with the permission of We the People.

America's own Declaration of Independence states that "when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government". John Locke wrote that it is every man's right to seek such relief, and scholars Morton White, Howard Evans Kiefer, and the Reverend Martin Luther King taught that it is the duty of the people to resist unjust laws.

Of course, there are those who are convinced America's current President King already knows this fact, and this is why he is attempting through various means to accumulate as much power and control as he can, contrary to the intent of the U.S. Constitution. But that is grist for another mill.

Speaking of mills, were our President King a student of history, he might exhibit a great deal more caution in his extended reach for power and control. For the history of the United States of America, because of American exceptionalism and its emphasis on individual freedom, because of those very separation of powers set down by our Founding Fathers, demonstrates that in America the mill of justice grinds slowly, but extremely fine. He may think he and his are above the law. He is wrong. America taught that lesson to King George of England, in blood, and to many others down through history. To paraphrase that historic Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill, our President King Barack Hussein Obama is riding about on a tiger from which he dare not dismount, lest he be eaten. But dismount him we must, legally, but absolutely.

To do so before the election of 2012 would serve We the People best, but if not before, then by the electoral process. The election of 2012 must then be a Cease and Desist Order for the Obama administration, lest the dream that is America cease.

The world needs America to be America, for this nation to be that living bastion of freedom for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. American exceptionalism and rugged individualism, not dictatorial whimsy, will see to its survival. But that America will not have a king.


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