Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Women in Combat?

Former U.S. Marine Sergeant James Robert Webb  has written of five points that nail down the argument against having women in combat roles.  His full article may be found at http://www.jamesrwebb.com/2013/02/women-in-infantry.html  What follows is a brief excerpt:

I see this as an attempt to create social progress or make a social statement at the expense of those who put their lives on the line.
Pure and simple, it's nothing short of self promotion... which is ironic given that Infantry units abhor the concept of the individual.

It is preached to the point of mantra that tightly knit teams win wars, while individuals get people killed.

Let's break this down.

1. This is unfair to women.

2. The Infantry as a sub-culture.

3.  There is a marked difference between 'Combat' and 'Sustained Ground Combat Operations'

4.  It can physically break off even the strongest men

5.  Standards will be dropped to allow 'social progress.

I support Webb's points.  Each one.  Having been in combat engagements in Vietnam 1967-68 & 1970, having observed them in Beirut and Iraq, I say James Webb has nailed the argument.  Any military leader who has heard a shot fired in anger knows the arguments and our military is now led by politically correct cowards.  While in Iraq 2003-2004, an Army convoy was hit by enemy forces and forces to stop by an ambush.  The senior sergeant was female.  She took charge, directed the soldiers to drive off the enemy, break the ambush and get her convoy back on the road.  It isn't that women can't perform in a given situation.  It is that men and women are not designed, physically and emotionally for sustained combat.  Women are women, men are men, and women are glad of it.  Any man who doesn't understand that needs to check his manhood.

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