Saturday, September 7, 2013

Short Shots


This should be a slam dunk for the judiciary, but it won't because of politics.  This is, however, a flashing red light to warn Mr. and Mrs. America that our government, which is created to serve us, is turning on us.  
We now have militarized police departments in some of our cities whom, instead of "Protect and Serve" concentrate on "Demand Subservience, Suspect, and Attack."  
Our Federal government is doing the same thing in spying on us.  This is NOT the America our forefathers created and many of us shed blood and lost friends to protect.  Get your elected officials attention and DEMAND this rogue political regime be stopped!


A friend sent me an email message say this makes a good point!

These two short sentences sums up the current government’s views and ideology: 
1) The gov't tells us NOT TO JUDGE ALL MUSLIMS because of a FEW lunatics. 
2) The gov't ENCOURAGES US TO JUDGE ALL GUN OWNERS because of a FEW lunatics 

Thanking him for his insight, I responded with the following:

I suggest the whole of God's Word in the inspired Bible tells us to forget judging, don't worry about the lunatics because He will take care of both, but that we should brush up on our discerning skills.  That would be so we can tell the difference between judging and being discerning, and between lunatics and old-fahioned sonabitches that just need terminating.
All of which reminds me of Mark Twain's advice to never argue with a fool.  Bystanders might not be able to tell the difference.


Some will discount this as just another conspiracy caper, but if you listen to the facts, where, how much economic impact, lives and homes lost, it begins to be serious.

Some hard facts recited in this video; no emotional rhetoric

The facts indicate jihad terrorists are burning our forests and homes......346 homes in Colorado destroyed by Jihad do we fight back?
Lives lost, homes, jobs, economic income, all lost.  


Syria: Outrage Is Not A Strategy

Michael Yon is a highly respected on-the-scene journalist, even by our military.  He is right, when you cannot trust a person's facts, you must wonder about his intention.  Why does the President keep throwing around a figure of Syrian dead that numbers in the thousands when the Doctors Without Borders, supporting medical treatment on the scene, place that number at 355 dead?  The President has no purpose beneficial to the problem, and no plan.  
Stop rattling that saber, Mr. President, you don't know how to use it.

Syria: Outrage Is Not A Strategy

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