Friday, October 11, 2013

Mistakes in the Middle East are Only the Beginning

by Ed Evan, MGySgt., USMC (Ret.)

     Pres. Obama is about to step on a land-mine of his own making in our dealings with Egypt.       Worse than his international faux pas, he is utterly destroying the ethics, morality and dignity of the USA.  His second term in office is marked by his obvious and extremist support of the Muslim Brotherhood, pettiness driven by the refusal of freedom-loving people to knuckle under to what his agenda demands, appointment of people to high positions with even less commitment to American ethics and morals than himself, and a total lack of servanthood leadership that has achieved the high water mark in previous American Presidents.
     It appears there is a gulf of great disparity between the American people and this President. They want good, solid, forward-looking leadership.  Barack Hussein Obama wants a kingdom, or perhaps as some see in his Muslim educational background, a Caliphate.
     It should by now be obvious to everyone that these opposing forces are leading to a whimpering collision.  It will not be the violent collision the White House seems to seek which would justify martial law and an opportunity to "remold" and "remake" America.  Instead, through the wisdom of America's forefathers there are safeguards in place to prevent military and political coups.  Nevertheless, a collision comes, and it will be an Pyrrhic victory for America, taking us many years to climb out of the financial and moral abyss.
     So far, statesmanship, personal discipline and an adherence to the United States Constitutional government have kept this wavering ship of state upright.  I must believe that will continue, so long as love of country and love of Almighty God prevails.
     There are those on both side of the issues, aside from political partisanship, who would be quick to "pull a trigger".  No doubt.  But calmer heads and the built-in give-and-take of American justice will, I believe, continue to hold sway among men of conscience, if not men of power.
     Someone has said that all politics is local.  But it goes even deeper than that, for all commitment, both patriotic and religious, is more than local, it is individual.
     The continuation, the salvation, of America for tomorrow's generations lies in that individual commitment to God and to Country.  And its genus lies in the hearts of men.  So long as we, as individual persons, are faithful to our God and to our nation, we cannot be overturned.  The secret lies in our personal, individual relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; in our prayer life, in our sense of faith, and in our obedience.
     Those who will not talk to God don't have a prayer.  Pray hard.  Time is short.

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