Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blog Thoughts for March 7, 2014

"Russia threatens to abandon the dollar as its reserve currency"

Obama threatened Russia's financial standing, but with China already attempting to trade the Yen for the dollar, it could all blow up in the American President's face.
From the Daily Caller story: "The Kremlin’s chief economic adviser, Sergei Glazyev, suggested the plan, which would call for Russia to either entirely abandon the dollar or to use a system that wouldn’t require the U.S. dollar to conduct international transactions.  'If sanctions are applied against state structures, we will be forced to recognize the impossibility of repayment of the loans that the US banks gave to the Russian structures.'

But Why.....

"Seth Pickens, LA Pastor Who Penned '10 Reasons I Love LGBTQ Folk,' Addresses 'Spin' Over Zion Hill Baptist Church 'Tribunal'"

The Christian Post apparently wants to be an online newspaper that deals in news of the Christian church and family.  However, reputable news reporters usually adhere to the eight elements of news -- .
The story linked above becomes a news story because the subject of that story, Rev. Seth Pickens, is acting outside the norm.  But we don't know if the reporter is claiming the norm is to affirm homosexuals or hold them to scripture.  Pickens seems to affirm them, so it would seem that's the way the reporter leans, but that would make this a piece of advocacy journalism.  That kind of journalism tells you only what the reporter wants you to know, not necessarily the whole story.
In fact, there's an entire side of this story missing.  For example, the reporter quotes Rev. Pickens repeated talking about how he "feels", but no specific justification, no root cause of those feelings.  He speaks out against Christian orthodoxy, with no explanation of what he means by "orthodoxy."  He indicates "the church" disapproves of homosexuality without  explaining why the Christian church would do that.  From Genesis to Jude, scripture is replete with how God deals with sexual perversion.
In truth, Rev. Pickens walks a very fine line where homosexuality is concerned, and it would be good to know how he discerns that line in light of scripture.
The reporter touches on the disagreements between Pickens, his church Board, and the church membership.  Indications are that there are lessons to be shared from Christian behavioral and organizational management points of view, but they are lacking.  As is the depth of this story.  As published it tantalizes and titillates just enough to draw readership, in the same way as the National Enquirer and other market scandal sheets.
It's not enough for a follower of Jesus Christ to do the right thing, those who observe need to understand why.

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