Monday, February 9, 2015

The Question, Perplexing Everyone, is "W-H-Y"?!

The following is a guest post from my friend and fellow Marine John Boring.
John is a very intelligent senior citizen, a once active duty Marine who has lost none of his ability to "improvise, adapt, and overcome."
In the following post, John addresses a problem nagging at many of us these days, regardless of background, race, religion or political persuasion.  And the overwhelming question is ... why?!

by John Boring

Okay, here's the thing. I hold short of calling our president an evil man. I'm not sure he's evil at all. I do know he is an intelligent man, maybe even beyond intelligent. So, when he intentionally refuses to acknowledge what the entire world knows to be true, I have to ask myself 'why is he doing this?' ISIS is not killing Christians or burning alive Jordanian pilots for the fun of it. They aren't doing it to promote travel to the mid-east. What ISIS is doing is Islam in action. They are promoting Islam. The entire world knows this. ISIS has not made a secret of why they behead journalists or people who simply cross their path; they do it in the name of the prophet. For Islam. So, I have to keep asking myself, why won't our president, the guy we elected, the nominal head of the free world, the man who is supposed to honor us by protecting and serving the constitution of our nation, open his mouth and let those words come forth: ISIS is acting in the name of Islam? Why hasn't he condemned the evil that is being perpetrated on the innocents by this evil group? Why has he bothered to explain their actions as justified by medieval acts when we know we are seeing evil in action in present-day time? Why will he not even admit that ISIS is a Muslim organization? I'm perplexed. I find it hard to respect such lack of leadership from my commander-in-chief. My words aren't meant to be political for they pertain to us as citizens, not as republicans or democrats or tea party people or independents. As citizens we deserve to have a leader who loves and respects us beyond and above any other nation in this world. We deserve a president who will call it like it is; not feed us pie in the sky. In my humble opinion, we don't have such a president right now.