Saturday, October 24, 2015

Who's Job is it To Protect You?

by Ed Evans

Democracy and freedom are not without their inherent dangers. For while we demand freedom for ourselves, we must also protect the freedoms of our neighbor who may be doing things we don't like. Tough. That's what it's like to live in freedom.

Of course the old saw is still in effect, my neighbor is free to swing his fist as he likes, until it comes in contact with my nose and then it's Katie bar the door!

The story below is perhaps intended to give Americans a warm, fuzzy feeling that their national government is at work on their behalf. Reminds me of an old radio program called "The FBI at Peace and War". It was sponsored appropriately by Lava Soap Company.

All well and good that the FBI is on the job. But your FBI, your local police, and even the Sheriffs of every state in the union have one thing in common. That is they are not in business to provide for your personal protection. They are there to uphold the laws we as the public have put into place.
In other words, while they are busy keeping the peace and chasing law-breakers, it is distinctly up to you and I to provide for our own protection. Law enforcement officials will stand up and say they are not in favor of vigilante action. And basically I believe most of us would agree with that. But providing for the protection of our own person and that of our families is not vigilante action, it is self-protection.

We know that criminals are not allowed to have guns. That's a good law, but to the criminal it means nothing. They ensure they have guns and they count on you and I not having a weapon to protect ourselves against the criminals with guns.

That's why gun-free zones make no logical sense; criminals have guns and they ignore laws and signs that proclaim areas are "gun-free." Gun free zones have become killing zones. No one but the criminal has a gun in those zones.

I make the point again, the protection of yourself and your loved ones is your responsibility. It was that way when dinosaurs and saber-toothed tigers roamed earth, and it remains that way today. The "civilization" of mankind is only skin deep. Don't be the one to get skinned.

Here's the story this long introduction is leading you to:

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