Monday, December 13, 2010

Is Mexico America's Next Front?

Check out this story:

Before Mexico indeed becomes another front, we need to clean out the cesspool. Even before we throw a battalion of diplomats into the battle, and in order to make it a peaceful transition, suggest we locate enough patriot hackers to mount a massive electronic survey online that asks the question, if you as a citizen of Mexico were given a choice, would you like to remain in Mexico under the current political regime, or would you like to remain in Mexico and be part of the United States of America?
Lots of publicity. I think the answer will be that Mexico should be part of the U.S. If not, no harm done, and all the Mexicans can be encouraged to go home since the majority do want to be part of the U.S. But if the vote goes the way I suspect, then it becomes a matter of negotiating with what passes for political power in Mexico -- telling the rest of South America that's been using Mexico as an open door to the U.S. to shut up and go home -- and pulling Mexico into the U.S. for the purpose of upgrading health, welfare and industry there. Actually, much of our industry is already there.

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