Saturday, December 18, 2010

NOW THE END BEGINS: Senate Votes to Overturn Military Gay Ban

WASHINGTON In a landmark for gay rights, the Senate on Saturday voted to let gays serve openly in the military, giving President Barack Obama the chance to fulfill a campaign promise and repeal the 17-year policy known as don't ask, don't tell. Obama was expected to sign it next week.

If you look at the prophecies of Jeremiah 50, 51 and Isaiah 47, 48 and Rev 17, 18 they point to America as the only candidate that fits all of the scripture references to Mystery Babylon. And scripture tells us that the end will come in the time of the Sodomites.

President Barack Hussein Obama has now kept his election promise to allow the Sodomites access to the U.S. military. Remember, scripture says that the end will come in the "days of Sodom."

Allowing homosexuals to serve in the military was never the problem. They have always been there, so long as they lived up to their oath and kept their private lives private, as is required of heterosexuals. When either acts out, that's where there are problems. DADT encouraged homosexuals to keep their private lives private. When they did not and it became a problem, it was usually because of something they did. Now the restraints are off, and now military order and discipline, much different from how civilians live and work, will begin to disintegrate and peoples lives will be ruined. This was not done for "equal treatment", this was done for shameful political reasons and against the well-being of everyone.

We will be in a quandary, will we not? I cannot at this moment recommend a decent young man or woman enter the Armed Forces of the United States of America under the conditions this will bring about. And yet, if those who really care about love of country, and obey the word of God, do not join the ranks to defend this nation, what will become of us? Do we begin to see Almighty God withdrawing His arm of protection from the nation that has come to use His name equally in vain and in blessing?

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